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Employer super

Everything from strategy to contribution rates

Uncover the benefits of good super management

Super is one of the biggest investments you can make. Teamwork between you and your employees plus an Industry Super Fund like TWUSUPER can make a huge difference. Your employer super contributions are the key to your employees’ financial position, with tax benefits while they’re working and in retirement.

More than just the employer superannuation contribution

Through our education programs, TWUSUPER can help you with our onsite workplace information sessions and practical help for your employees… and for you.

Super can be complex, so we’ve included specific information pages to help make the most of the benefits of super contributions to staff.

Keep up with the changes

Initiatives like Single Touch Payroll are intended to streamline employer superannuation management. We can help you plan the implementation in your business.

What’s the current employer contribution rate?

The current compulsory super guarantee (employer contribution) rate is 10% of an employee’s Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE).

To work out how much super you may need to pay, head to our information page on calculating super.

How to calculate super

When does an employer need to pay super?

Super needs to be paid at least quarterly. See our payment dates page for more information.

Payment dates

What if I get super contributions wrong?

Hopefully, by using the information in our employer super pages and by contacting us if you have a query, you’ll avoid this. If you do pay the wrong amount or fail to pay any super at all, there can be significant penalties including the Super Guarantee Charge.

Super Guarantee Charge

How do I make super contributions?

Making payments into employee super is easy with TWUSUPER. 

How to contribute


TWUSUPER is the Industry Super Fund for people in transport and logistics – the people who keep Australia moving. We exist only to benefit our members, and have been helping employers manage employee super since 1984.