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At TWUSUPER, we’re proud to serve the dedicated and hardworking people that get our food to the supermarkets, take our children to school and care for us when we travel to distant places.

We work to ensure a better future for all people in transport, whatever their role, by delivering: 

As a not-for-profit industry super fund, TWUSUPER ensures that all profits go to members. 

Strong long-term investment returns

TWUSUPER has a history of delivering solid investment returns over the long-term. The Balanced (MySuper) option, which most members are invested in, has delivered an average annual return of 8.32% pa* over the past 10 years (1 July 2011 through to 30 June 2021).

This long-term performance can make a big difference to your retirement.

For example, based on a starting income of $50,000 and a starting balance of $60,000, TWUSUPER's Balanced (MySuper) investment option has delivered $25,212 more than the average retail super fund over the past 15 years**.

Investment returns

Insurance for dangerous occupations

Insurance provided by TWUSUPER is tailored for the transport industry (but you don’t have to work in transport to benefit). We provide Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover. You can also apply for Income Protection cover. We've negotiated competitive rates with our insurer and premiums come out of your super, not your hip pocket.

Dangerous Occupations Exemption: Why we have it, why it matters

Government rules generally mean cover can’t be automatically switched on unless you’re aged 25 and have an account balance of at least $6,000. At TWUSUPER, we understand that some jobs within the transport and logistics industry can be dangerous. For that reason, the Government allows us to treat members who work in a ‘dangerous occupation’ differently. Simply tell us about your job when joining and we’ll do the rest.

Insurance cover

Super for people on the move

We understand that transport workers are time poor. You’re often working long or non-standard hours, and juggling paperwork and families. That’s why our super solutions, insurance, workplace help and advice are designed to make life easier for you.

And behind the scenes, we’re investing in transport infrastructure and working hard to help ensure a better future for all people in transport.

We also offer help with super for busy people like you, including over-the-phone, in-person and educational webinars and seminars across Australia. 

Join TWUSUPER online

Joining TWUSUPER is quick and easy using our online form. You don't have to work in transport to benefit from our solid long-term returns, insurance and member services. 

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* Investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Net of taxes, fees and investment expenses. The Balanced (MySuper) option was known as the Balanced option prior to 1 July 2013.

** Comparisons modelled by SuperRatings, commissioned by TWUSUPER and shows average differences in net benefit of TWUSUPER's balanced investment option and the 'main Balanced option' of retail funds tracked by SuperRatings, with a 5 (119 options), 10 (57 options) and 15 (39 options) year performance history, taking into account historical earnings and fees – excluding contribution, entry, exit and additional advisor fees – of 'main Balanced options'. A ‘main Balanced option’ being the fund’s largest Balanced option where 60% to 76% of the fund’s assets are invested in growth investments. This is generally the fund’s default option. Where a fund does not have a Balanced option, the option closest to SuperRatings benchmark range of 60% to 76% growth investments is used. Outcomes vary between individual funds. Modelling performed on 2 October 2020 using data as at 30 June 2020. See Assumptions for more details about modelling calculations and assumptions. Consider your personal financial situation, needs and objectives, which are not taken into account in this information, and the TWUSUPER Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) available at before making an investment decision. TWU Nominees Pty Ltd, ABN 67 002 835 412, Australian Financial Services Licence 239163 ('TWUSUPER') as trustee of the TWU Superannuation Fund (ABN 77 343 563 307).